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What do you do when money and managing your finances is your drug of choice? The Sober Podcast is bringing you a special treat today with Matthew E. from Brooklyn who is an active member of Debtors Anonymous and has been solvent for over 12 years. Matthew shares the insanity which lead him to finding recovery - consistently juggling bills, thwarting eviction from being months behind on rent, borrowing money from his mother, etc. Through becoming willing to change for a better life, he found DA, and learned how live life on life’s terms while becoming financially responsible. We get to hear a first-hand account of the terminology used in this 12-step fellowship, and some light is shed on what it’s like to be a member. In the sake of anonymity, Matthew is not disclosing his last name or a way to reach out. But please find our brilliant host, Jamie Brickhouse at www.JamieBrickhouse.com or follow his daily true story in high heels on TikTok at @Jamie_Brickhouse. 

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