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Happy Christmas Eve to all our Sober Podcast listeners out there! Billy Ryckman is our guest soberlebrity joining us from Palm Beach County, Florida. Billy is one of those ‘special workers’ you may have heard about in tradition 8 and works as Office Manager for South Palm Beach County Intergroup. In the spirt of Christmas, Billy shares his experience with the holidays throughout his sobriety journey. Listen to how Billy was able to go from dreading most holidays while actively drinking and twist his holidays into a form of service for the past 18 years. If you’re struggling to stay sober during this holiday season, or you’d like to add to your holiday cheer, tune in to hear a voice of hope. 

If you’d like to reach out to Billy Ryckman personally, please find her on the following platforms: 

IG: @wmery634

TikTok: @bryck567

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holden.r.mcneil?mibextid=ZbWKwL 

Email: manager@AAinPalmBeach.org 


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