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Lissi Seneway joins our Soberlebrity host, Jamie Brickhouse for an enlightening interview on her experience within the substance abuse field, and where it’s brought her. Hear about how she’s maintained a collection of poetry throughout her entire life and is on the verge of her first book release – Moonbeams and Melted Spoons: A Collection of poetry. Tune in on the very first live poetry reading on the Sober Podcast! Please join us in helping Lissi celebrate her upcoming book release, and listen to her share some highlights of over 23 years working as a psychotherapist and addiction professional. If you would like to reach out to Lissi personally, you can find her contact information on her website: https://lissiseneway.com/. If you’d like to reach out to our incredible host, Jamie Brickhouse please visit his website at: https://www.jamiebrickhouse.com/

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