Sober Podcast | Quinn Stone: How I Use Micro-Dosing as a Tool in Sobriety

Quinn Stone felt alone, and unheard after being molested at the early age of 8. After experiencing a series of abusive events, Quinn turned to drugs for comfort. His addiction to heroin and other harsh substances, lead him to a bottom. Ripping and running through his addiction, and contemplating murder, Quinn found the willingness to change. Through trying various outlets and feeling pressured to choose a life of complete abstinence through involvement with a 12-step fellowship, he was able to find his own path of sobriety that works for him. About 2 years ago, Quinn started researching and experimenting with micro-dosing to find some relief from mental health issues. Through his practices, he has found freedom and increased spiritual awareness. Quinn’s experience shows it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about what method of recovery you choose; it is ultimately up to you. Tune in to hear an incredible journey in recovery. If you’d like to listen to more episodes based on addiction and sobriety, please visit If you’d like to reach out to Quinn personally, please find her on the following platforms: Facebook: @quinnstone.fb TikTok: @quinn.stone Instagram: @quinnstone.ig YouTube: @quinnstone To get in touch with our host, Jamie Brickhouse please find him and his critically acclaimed book, ‘Dangerous When Wet: A Memoir of Booze, Sex, and My Mother on the following outlets: TikTok: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Support our host, buy his book: