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Sonia is the CEO and founder of EverBlume. The company provides online small group recovery meetings with a recovery coach facilitator where each group is matched based on the characteristics of its members. 

Imagine having 5 years sober, and your partner of 18 years decides to leave. Questioning her sobriety, and being completely devastated, Sonia logged into a women’s recovery group online. While she found a bit of support and comfort, there were over 200 women in the group, and she felt she needed more. With connection being the opposite of addiction, Sonia created a dream out of a personal tragedy while bringing the concept of EverBlume as an idea and seeing it out to fruition. 

From binge drinking to burnout, getting sober and surviving a heart break, and much more in between - Sonia has been able to overcome many obstacles put in front of her by learning how to connect with others. Tune into www.SoberPodcast.com to listen directly to this episode and many other inspiring sobriety stories. 

If you’d like to reach out to Sonia personally, please find her on the following platforms: 

Instagram: @JoinEverBlume
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Twitter: @EverBlume
Website: www.EverBlume.com
TikTok: @EverBlume

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A special thanks to our sponsor - Stephanie Weiss who is a certified health and recovery coach based locally in CT and offering virtual services nationwide. If you would like more information please reach out to info@sobernetwork.com.

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