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In this episode of the Sober Podcast, we welcome Jason LaChance. Jason is the host and producer of the Knockin' Doorz Down & Don't Hide The Scars podcast, a public speaker, and advocate.

With a family history of addiction, the patterns were set early so that Jason too would fall prey to addiction. Jason has a 20-year background in radio broadcasting, programming, and management, but says there was still something missing. After going through a divorce and becoming a single father, he started his journey of confronting that he was an alcoholic and addict. As he began to embrace his addiction and speak with others openly about it, he realized he needed a change. Leading a more purposeful life, being of service to others.

The purposeful challenge and opportunity that he was looking for came when he bumped into Carlos Vieira in the grocery store. Along with the release of his autobiography 'Knockin' Doorz Down' he presented Jason with the opportunity to speak with others that are not only afflicted by addiction but other areas of great adversity, including mental health challenges, traumatic events, and how they overcame their situation to live a more purposeful life along with real change makers who live to make the world a better place. Sharing their dark times and being a beacon of light, spreading hope.

In April of 2022, Jason became a part of PAIN: Parents & Addict In Need working with Flindt Andersen, a real champion of change confronting the addiction epidemic for over 20 years. PAIN works with legislators, local organizations, and individuals to provide recovery resources, access to treatment as well as Narcan training, and scholarships for treatment.

With humility, compassion, empathy, grace, and oftentimes humor, Jason takes great pride in being a part of affirming that anyone can keep growing daily, make positive changes, and live a life in which they Don't Hide The Scars and keep Knockin' Doorz Down.

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