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Alcoholics are born, drug addicts are made. Read that again! Dr. Robb Kelly joins us on Sober Podcast to talk about his own sobriety and how he helps others heal from trauma to recover from addiction. With over 30 years of sobriety, Dr. Robb has helped many addicts and alcoholics reprogram their brains to help assist in the road to recovery with NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and other various methods.

“I never had a drinking problem; I had a thinking problem.” States Dr. Robb during his interview. Through using internal dialogue, we are able change our behaviors and actions, and in doing so we move from self-sabotage to self-care. Tune in to this incredibly enlightening episode to get a professional glimpse of why addicts and alcoholics behave the way they behave. If you would like to hear more episodes of Sober Podcast please visit us at www.SoberPodcast.com

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 Instagram: @addiction_doctor 

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