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Jay Barnard is the owner & founder of Hype Recovery – a coaching platform, a professional chef, and has over 15 years of recovery to share. After spending his first 2 years in a 12-step fellowship, with the help of a sober coach, Jay realized he needed something different. While catering events for stars such as Wayne Gretzky, Snoop Dogg, William Shatner, & many others, Jay had a realization that he was going to try a different route for recovery so he could focus on the cans and weed out the cants.  

There were many that criticized Jay’s path, leaving him completely alone for a period, but at 5 years sober he started being a motivational speaker. He was able to find a life beyond recovery and build his own services to offer others the opportunity to recover outside the box. He founded Empower 2 Recover – a coaching platform, is known along with his girlfriend Ashley as Canada’s Recovery Couple based locally in Canada. Tune in to hear an inspiring message of change! If you would like to hear more interviews on Sober Podcast, please visit: www.soberpodcast.com

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Website: www.empower2recover.com

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