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Caitlin Avery, award winning author joins us for her 2nd time on Sober Podcast to discuss in detail on how she was able to heal from past sexual trauma while in recovery. She's the author of the award-winning adventure/thriller, The Last Cruz, its up-and-coming sequel, Grief and Grace, and her latest contemporary fiction, Life of Cyn. Her first book, a coming-of-age memoir, is called Lightning in my Wires. 

At 17 years old while in high school, Caitlin Avery was sexually assaulted at a party on 2 separate occasions. Immediately following the assaults, she started drinking to cope with the pain, anger, and many other feelings associated with these incidences.

Now with over 8 years of sobriety, Caitlin has been able to find healing over the events with step work playing a huge role in her healing process. Sharing and writing about it has continued to help her healing over the years. After outing one of her rapists publicly, she was able to find a total of 10 other victims who had the same experience. 

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