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Our Soberlebrity guest today is Mei McIntosh the creator and founder of ‘The Creative Sober’. An online platform for artists in recovery to come together and connect. Sober Podcast welcomes Mei on the show for this enlightening interview with host, Jamie Brickhouse. 

After staying sober for almost five years, Mei relapsed due to declining mental health, losing her best friend in a sudden car accident, and experiencing two car accidents herself. Her sobriety date is now July 1, 2019. Congratulations on 4 YEARS sober from all of us at Sober Network!

Most recently, Mei left her 14-year career as a DJ to be able to be able to put her sobriety first. After leaving her career of DJing, Mei was able to pick up new outlets to express her creativity and focus on the networking with other artists through The Creative Sober. Through struggling with anxiety and depression, Mei shares how art has helped as a force to combat the 2. Tune in to hear an amazing personal experience and some great suggestions for all the aspiring artists out there!

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 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/@thecreativesober 
Website: www.thecreativesober.com

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