Show Notes

An Inspiration for Change



Today on our Sober Podcast, Jesse Harless joins us from downtown New Hampshire! Jesse has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and currently facilitates extensive training courses for addiction professionals to become facilitators themselves!  


The Fentanyl crisis in 2017 inspired Jesse to leave his long-time position with a major corporation to do an immense career change which led him to working as an addiction professional. He became certified and started off in sober living homes, mental health facilities and now he teaches how to facilitate training.


He released his book, ‘IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO?’ in February 2021, and shares his experiences that helped induce positive change while writing. The book itself includes his incredible story of getting sober at 22 and has a 30 step action toolkit called FEARS: Focus, Elevate, Appreciate, Resilience, Self- Care. 


We even get to discuss the topic of cold showers! If you would like to reach out to Jesse or purchase his book, please visit his website at